How to Start a Fund at WCCF


Bridging the generations through your charitable gifts is an important part of the Wharton County Community Foundation.  Times change, and a community foundation can change with them.  You can be assured that, decades from now, the spirit and intent of your charitable wishes will be
honored, regardless of the shifts and changes among charitable organizations.

We administer charitable funds.  You can create an individual charitable fund with us at any time, and available online, you can use any of the ideas in the booklet below.

A fund you establish with us becomes a component part of this organization and enjoys not only the most advantageous tax treatment, but also the greatest permanence of any we know.  Your gift to the Wharton County Community Foundation has great flexibility as well. You may name your fund, you may make your gift unrestricted, or choose a field of interest.  You may even select specific organizations to be recipients of your fund.

How you set up your fund allows great flexibility.  You can choose to start your fund with cash, securities, mutual funds, land insurance or a host of other creative ways.

We provide an idea handbook, you may view online or download, of proven ways you can use the Wharton County Community Foundation to do more good with charitable contributions, to save on taxes and to help clients understand their philanthropic options. We hope it will stimulate your thoughts and that you will feel free to discuss your charitable planning or your client’s charitable planning with us.

For simplicity in this idea book, we refer to the fund you establish in our organization as Your Name Fund.  You can ask us to name or both, your company’s name, a purpose name, the name of a loved one, or anything.

Download Idea Book now